Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I got for Mother's Day!!!!

My children showered me with wonderful gifts that they made at school! I will cherish their gifts forever! My kids let me sleep a little in the morning and then they couldn't stand it anymore...they wanted me to open my gifts. My son got me the LAB cart and my daughter got me a princess cart and my wonderful husband and children got me the CRICUT EXPRESSION!! My DH let me order it on NSD from HSN (great deal, came with 4 cart and lots of accessories) and I opened it for Mother's Day!! I was soooooo excited. I have had a little time playing with it and will post pics later.So, I had a wonderful morning and that afternoon was my Goddaughter's Christening! We all had a wonderful day!


  1. AWWW how sweet of your family...sonds like we got the same thing for mothers day I got a princess cart, of course lots of paper and crafting supllies and my cricut e is to be at my door via UPS on Friday.
    I am a nanny so i am taking the kids i care for over to my house to wait on it...lol ! I got the Cricut e from hsn too but it has 5 carts...
    well its nice to know that i am not the only woman with a family that supports her "addiction" to crafting...
    i loved reading this blog entry...

    wow this comment was a long one. LOL. TTYL

  2. I love to organize and love scrapbooking. This company puts the two together!

  3. Thank you Crafty Nanny...that was so sweet. My E came with 5 carts too, what a deal!! Have fun with your E!!