Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer FUN!!!

So, I haven't been on in a while...busy making summer memories!! We don't have a pool in our yard and we were glad for the meer fact that we were afraid with the they are bigger and understand rules and safety so we recently bought a
12' intex pool for the kids, not only to stay cool and for us "big" people to swim, but also to teach the kids to really be able to swim. Christopher knows how to swim, but could he really swim in deep water? Sammi doesn't know how to swim and before this year, she really had no interest in going under water. So, to our surprise, after a week of the pool up and Sammi going under water with her swim vest and getting comfortable....Sammi learned how to swim underwater and do the back stroke. As, for Christopher, we feel pretty comfortable that he can swim and he does well! We are so proud of both of them and we are all having so much fun being able to stay in the backyard and swim, play, relax, and listen to our favorite music on our Bose soundock!!! We are having a wonderful "STAYCATION" and looking foward to the rest of the summer!! Maybe one day we will have a bigger pool, but for now, we love what we have!


  1. Great pics! Love your new pool, I bet the kids love it also!! Our kids love to swim they can't get enough of the water! Glad your having a fun summer so far, we are also having a great time enjoying the nice weather!



  2. Love the pics and the pool...wonderful word...Staycation...I live right across the street for our local "Aquatic Center" it is wonderful to have such a with you I am thankful all I have to do is walk out my front door...and no upkeep...LOL

  3. Man that pool looks like a blast!!! Enjoy your StayCation