Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day Of School!!

Here is my handsome 3rd grader!!! I was a little nervous with him starting school...he hates change and he gets very nervous. He started with only a 1/2 day...which he pretty much just ate lunch, had recess and took a tour. The school had a remodel over the summer and everything is in a different place and they added a new wing where my daughter will be in Kindergarten. She starts on monday with 1/2 days and then goes to full days the following week...that's another story!
So Christopher was a little nervous, so I took him to his classroom and stayed until he was settled and then kissed him goodbye and walked cry in the car!! He was fine, which was great but shocking and I was a mess which I totally!!! We are so proud of him and we wish him the best of luck! So here is my handsome little guy....

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