Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Tiger!!

Well, I know it is late in the day to post this, but I promise I have a good reason! I want to wish my wonderful Husband Chris a very Happy Birthday!!!!! He is 39 today....just so you know I am a lot younger...heehee!! I keep teasing him that this is his last year in his 30's!!

I made him a cute card...I wanted to keep it cute and silly, so I made him a Tiger shaped card using CAC and my Gypsy...the inside says Happy Birthday Tiger!!!!
I have been adding googlie eyes to almost everything lately, I think they are a cute touch! So, this card started my whole shaped card craze. I spent a late night on my Gypsy, just designing some shaped cards....I still have not cut them all out, but I have 2 others to share with you!
So, my reason for posting so late is that our new washer and dryer were delivered today with my hubby was out...I hate being alone for deliveries. So, it was terrential rain the minute that they pulled into the driveway....I opened the garage door and they took the old and I mean old washer and dryer out...they were dragging it on the floor and I was starting to get irritated. Then in came the new washer and dryer...the man told me to stay back ( I wanted to be in there to make sure that they were ok, but I moved and all I heard was banging and clashing. I gritted my teeth and went back in. I was wiping the side of the washer because it was soaked from the rain and it was going to be up against the dryer....the man said, " Maam, I don't have time for you to be doing that, I have a lot of stops to make in a short time!" I said, well, surely you have 5 seconds to spare so I can wipe this down and I did. I was not happy with them. The w& d stick so far out from the wall and I was disappointed, they were not flush with the wall because of the dryer vent!

My laundry room is small and they took up the whole room with very little space. So the men leave and I was ticked off and then I continued to mop the floor and vac again. I wiped down the other side of the washer and there was a 3 inch gash with metal showing and I wanted to be sick. The dryer also had a gash and the pedestools that they are on were banged up. I was pissed!!!!! Then the school nurse calls and tells me that my son had to picked up because he had a sore throat.....please. So I run down to the school and pick him up, he didn't feel well, he is getting a cold. When we get home, my son notices that the washer box was thrown on the gutter and came disconnected and the rain was running into the driveway.....I was again not happy! So, when my Dh came home I showed him while I was in tears and he called the store and we are getting a new washer and dryer within 2 weeks. It was just unacceptable, if I had caused the scratches then I would live with it, but these guys were careless and in a rush!

So that is my excuse....we are now at my parents house and my Mommy cooked Chris' favorite meal, pot roast and mashed potatoes, yummy!!!!!
So with all of that being is my new huge washer and dryer.....
As you can see, they are almost as big as my 9 year old son.......does he look sick to you?????? He was quite fine when he came home!

Here is a simple shaped card, using the pumpkin from CAC, this is for my little 1 year old niece...inside says...lil punkin!! is my turkey card also for my that they live in North Carolina, I send them cards all the time and they just love them!!! This turkey is also from CAC, just a perfect cartridge for making shaped cards with your gypsy!! I love how this turned out, I used polka dots for the hat and divine swirls for the feathers and of course added some googlie eyes! The front says gobble and the inside says gobble! I think my nieces will just love this card for Thanksgiving!!!


  1. I( love love love that turnkey it is just to dang cute

  2. and a gorgeous washer and dryer and I would hav e called to that is totally unacceptable.!

  3. I love that little tiger card! I am so sorry you had that happen to you with your appliance delivery, that just stinks!!!

    I'm so happy that you're getting new appliances, there is ZERO excuse for that. Hopefully the store will also be sure that those delivery guys will NOT deliver this set too!

    (((Hugs))) to you gf!!