Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Christmas Anniversary!!!

Good morning!! Today is our 13th wedding Anniversary....Happy Anniversary Chris!! I can't believe we have been married for 13 years already....feels like just yesterday! We had a beautiful December wedding with our reception in a beautiful place right on the ocean! We just had a wonderful day with family and friends!
Today has been flurrying on and off, just like it did on our wedding day....I love it!!! My husband and I are going to go to lunch at a nice restaurant in town today while the kids are in school and then I am making Chris' favorite dinner tonight....stuffed peppers....I also got a little ice cream cake because my son asked me to pick one up for him as his cute is that!!!

This is me on my wedding day at my parents house!
Here is my husband and I outside of the Church....officially married!!!
I love my husband more today than I ever thought possible. He is a hard working, supportive, loving husband and he is truly my "girlfriend"....we laugh all the time when I tell him that. I can tell him anything at any time and he just listens and gabs right back to we are "girlfriends"....I love it!!! I love you Chris!!!
Well, sorry the pics aren't the best...they are pictures of pics because my scanner isn't working...but I just wanted to "post to my on line diary"!!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day...and stay warm no matter where you are, because it is a bit chilly willy here!!!


  1. Oh jeannine what a beautiful bride and congrats . It's great to be married to your best friend...
    Hugs to you and enjoy your time.

  2. Congratulations Jeannine! You look very beautiful in that wedding gown.
    Have fun today and every year after.

  3. Sorry it took so long for me to check your blog! Congrats on all those years of marriage! I aspire to being married (to the same person, haha)for that long! I've made 8 years so far...
    I saw you make the stuffed peppers, too! I grew up loving the ones my Hungarian grandma made! Larry hates bell, I don't make them very often. Stay warm!! Jan