Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Magic of Winter!!

Hello friends!! It has been a very very long time since my last post in early!! All I can say is one four letter word...............BUSY!!!!! I will post an update and some recent pictures of our Holiday and adventures, but for now, I have a cute project to share! I am back into the scrapbooking mojo a bit...a little here and a little there!
I made this winter magic bag for the weekly challenge on the cricut circle blog! We had to use white paint, metal and a snowflake cut....simple!! I planned all of the cuts on my Gypsy, so forgive me, I don't know the sizes. The bag is from TBBM stretched to fit a 12x12 is a rather small bag, but just perfect for some mini chocolate treats!

I cut different snowflakes out and placed them on the bag (while the bag was unassembled) using some repositionable adhesive and then used white spray paint. I took off the snowflakes and VOILA!!!! I have to say that I absolutely love this technique and my children were in awe over!!!! Then for the metal, I used a siver glitter tag using the tag maker. I cut the snowflake and used mod podge and some chunky clear is a close up!!
I added some sheer blue ribbon and had an adorable winter magic mini bag!!!!
So, before I go into my long update over this weekend..............I want to share.....................
I got the Imagine for Christmas!!!!!!! I had a chance to play with it a bit...and by bit, I mean like for half an!! I am in love! I also got a flip, so I hope to be sharing a video or two soon, I need to practice a bit before I post!!!!!
See you soon!!!


  1. How cool is that effect with the white spray paint!!! LOVE it! And the tag, WOW! :)