Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kids in the Spotlight!

Good afternoon! It has been a hectic couple days here as we have been running all over trying to find a new kitchen sink and faucet and trying to get it installed...nothing is ever easy...lol!!!

So, my kids created these little pieces of artwork this weekend and asked me to put them in the spotlight on my blog! They are so proud of themselves and the work that I do and they feel special (as they should) when they actually get posted on "Mommy's Blog!"
I had a girl and a boy gnome left over from my last project and they asked if they could have them....of course I had to say yes!!

Here is what my daughter Samantha created.....she loved using the stickles to 'glitz' it up (her words) and I just love the way that she punched holes and did paper lacing with baker's twine!
And here is what my son Christopher created....he was feeling a bit more rushed than Samantha and he doesn't usually work in colors.....he is more of a sketch artist!!
Thanks so much for looking and any and all comments would be much appreciated by myself and my little scrapbook artists, thank you!!!!
Hopefully I will be back later with another project that I have been working on....if I can get my camera to take a decent picture!


  1. Hi Christopher and Samantha, I love the pictures that you have both made. Well Done and thank you so much for sharing them with us all. Have a great day

  2. Thank you so much!!!! from Samantha :):)
    thank you. I learned scraping from my mom. I like to sketch. From, Christopher

  3. Well there, I tried to answer from work this morning, but they blocked blogger so here I am at home to tell you that you have 2 fantastic kids who are doing great in Arts and Crafts. I know if they keep up they will go far. These are both a job well done and you should be proud.