Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day cupcakes!!

Happy Earth Day!! My plan this morning was to make some earth looking cupcakes for when the kids got home from school...however, my 8 year old daughter stayed home with a head cold and a sore throat. So we were planning on making cupcakes but needed a white cake mix so we sent my husband out to grab one. My daughter kept saying she felt funny and didn't feel well. Then she said she couldn't hear and she fell to the floor...of course I panicked and ran to her not knowing what happened. Well we took her to the ER after she fainted 3 times within minutes. She then fainted again in the waiting room. There was no diagnosis and we returned home. All she could think of was making cupcakes, so we did!
We died the white mix half blue and half green we put them in the liners alternating the colors to make them look earthy! We then cut some hearts with the cricut and made some cute picks!
Here is the quick card I had made and some of the earth cupcakes!
Hope you have a great day!

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