Sunday, May 16, 2010


We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!!!
I just had to share these pictures of my children and my Niece! Mister Softee has found his way into our neighborhood...and we are his best!
The kids were playing in the backyard and my Daughter ran in screaming that the ice cream man was coming...out the front door she ran followed by my Son and my Niece! I was frantically looking for my where to be found...I ran out to the car...not there. Here I am thinking that I lost my wallet and now I have to disappoint the kids and tell them no ice cream. So I tell my Daughter that I can't find my wallet and she says,"don't worry Mommy, I have it!" That's right...she grabbed my wallet as she was running out the front door screaming! I had a little chat with her after they all got their ice cream. Now check out the double cone that my Daughter Samantha got...yum yum!!! Now to get through the summer with trying to dodge the ice cream!!

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