Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Change for a Good Cause!

Today was a huge day for us here. My Daughter's school was hosting a Locks for Love event. Locks for Love is an orgnization that uses hair from donations to make wigs for children who can't grow hair. So, today, my 6 year old Daughter Samantha donated 13 inches of her hair. She was so excited and so proud and so were we. We had tears of joy for our Daughter to take such a big step. It took her 6 years with only one trim to grow her hair. She had a wonderful experience and everyone was so kind. She looks so grown up now! She is a young girl with a BIG heart!

Here she is before:

And here she is after making a big difference in another little girls life:


  1. OH she is such a cutie...and what a great gift to give someone. My mom does this all the time, but for alittle girl to give her hair up for a great cause means she is growing up! I love it. lots of love! TFS

  2. What a sweetie! Such a big act of kindness.
    She looks great with her new due.

  3. Thanks so much ladies, I will pass those kind words on to her. She is just so proud and she loves her new hair. She has looked in the mirror 20 times today!!

  4. What a sweet What a big huge act of kindess
    She is so cute with the new do!
    I am so proud of her.
    I just love the look
    Hugs to her What a great girl you've raised bring tears to my eye.

  5. She is so thoughtful to do this. Now I will say she looks adorable and like a new person. You raised a good girl to care so much. Hugs to you all!!!!

  6. awww, she is so cute. My 13 yr. old daughter is STiLL growing her hair out for locks of love too...not quite there yet. What a sweet thing for her to do...kudos to your daughter, she looks so grown up now ;)

  7. That is just so sweet of her! You can tell her Mommy has done a beautiful job raising her too!

    I adore the sweet photos and can not wait to see you scrap her story into a forever memory!