Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Animal Wobbler Cards!

I couldn't resist ordering these adorable animal cards from HSN last week! When I bought them, I thought they were going to be the wobble springs, but they aren' wobble they mean rocking, where the base of the card is curved which makes it rock back and forth. I am so pleased with these cards and seeing them in person, they are so much cuter than on tv. The cardstock is heavy weight, the shapes punch out so easily and the details on the animals is amazing. Some of the animals have a bit of foil detail on them and just make the cards pop. I used pop dots with some of the pieces to add dimension. Another thing I was pleased with was the size of the finished cards and the envelopes....although these will require additional postage if mailed, it is well worth it. The kit came with 20 different animals and with shipping and tax, it works out to be about a $1.80 a card!

So here is the kit spread out on my kitchen table:
And here is the giraffe card assembled:
I used some of the green cardstock for the base of the card to add color to the card, this card measures 8 1/2 x 7 inches.

Here is the sheep card assembled...this card measures 7 x 7 inches!

Here are some details in case you wanted to order these adorable cards for yourslef:, Kanban wobblers card kit item # 111969, I got them for $26.95 plus tx and shipping,
the envelopes measure 8 x 8 and will require additional postage, each animal is die cut and pre printed.......these adorable cards assemble in minutes with some adhesive and pop dots!

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  1. Awww...those are just too cute! The colors and detail on great on these cards...looks like you got a bargin! They really turned out to be adorable little cards!
    Tanya - Nonna's Craft Corner