Monday, April 4, 2011

Adorable Bunny Purses!!!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I can't believe it is the beginning of another week. This weekend flew by. I had my Mother and my niece sleepover, we had an ice cream party, a family BBQ and I had to work yesterday! I am glad to be home to start some new projects!

I have to share these adorable bunny pocketbooks with you all....I couldn't imagine them turning out any cuter! I think they are adorable....if I do say so myself!!

I found the directions for this purse here. I used the knifty knitter and followed the directions. It was very simple and only took me a few hours to make one and a few minutes to dress it up!

I made four purses so far for Easter...I will fill them with yummy treats. I made one for my 7 year old daughter, my 6 year old niece and my two nieces that are 2 years old!!

This is the first one that I made for my 2 year old niece...I followed the directions, however, I made the strap much smaller so that it is easy for little ones to hold! I kept this one simple and used hot glue for the eyes and the pom-poms.
This is the one that I made for my 6 year old niece....well, it started out to be for my daughter, but she didn't want the fur...I was a bit disappointed because I love it so much! I made this one with fun fur according to the directions and I added some pipe cleaner whiskers and some hair (or ear) bows and a little pink stickles for the pink cheeks!This is my daughter's purse....she wanted a longer strap so that she could wear it as a saddle bag! She did not want the fur and she picked the google eyes with the pink eyelashes, so I added some hot pink tulle to the bow!I think they all turned out adorable and I can't wait to fill them for daughter is using hers now for the Easter Season!!!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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  1. So cute as always Jeanine you are the master of them all