Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up...School Project!

Hi there! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We had a wonderful family BBQ again yesterday and I made some yummy salads and a cake! Today we have a birthday party to go to and then a relaxing evening! I just wanted to share this adorable project that my 7 year old daughter and I made together for school. It was a family project (meaning we could help)....about what you want to be when you grow up. My daughter has been talking about being a fashion designer for a long time. She loves to dress up and look pretty....unlike her Mommy who loves her jeans and t and no makeup!!!!! She has a lot of mini dressforms with fabric and she has sketch books full of fashion. She is just so passionate about being a designer. So we chose to do a book and we did the research together on the internet and then she wrote down the answers to the questions and we used the cricut and her own designs and drawings as well! I laminated the pages and used the Bind-It-All to bind the book and added some ribbon. My daughter added the gems to the laminated pages (because they can't go through) and she dressed it up! She worked so hard on this project and she did a faulous job!!

I used many different cricut cartridges and my gypsy to add some touches to her book! As you can see, she even made use of the negative and dressed it up a bit! I think this is just a wonderful book that she will have on the lookout for my little girls very own fashion label one day!!!! Designs by Sammi...I can just see it now!!

Have a wonderful day today!!!


P.S. Sorry for the terrible pictures...I snapped these pictures the second that we were walking out the door...I had almost forgot to take some pics!


  1. WoW Jeannine,

    She did do a wonderful job :0) I hope you enjoy your day and the peaceful evening too. TFS

  2. I am sure she will get an "A" on that project. It is so cute and something she can really be.

  3. What a wonderful project and what a great way to inspire that creativity