Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pink Octopus fun....

My daughter got a pink octopus sprinkler from her Grandparents for her pre k graduation gift. She told her Gramy that she wanted it and Gramy was going to find it no matter what...that's just who she is!!! Her Grandkids want...her Grandkids get!! Very spoiled...but that's what Grandparents are for...right??? LOL!! So, these pics are from a warm day when my daughter and my niece got to play...they loved it!
The sketch is from got sketch 104 part of a summer class that I am taking. I used cricut LAB for the wave border and the pink octopus. I also used some felt and glitter stickers for the title!

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  1. Tooooo right...that is exactly what grandparents are for...LOL...great job!