Monday, June 22, 2009

Stawberry Festival!

We went to the Srawberry Festival near where we live with my brother's family and my mom. We had a great time. We talked my mom into coming on the himalay ride with us. My son hated it and my daughter loved it. I think I got whip lash and my mom wanted to go!!! We spent a few hours there and then went to my parents house for yummy dinner and dessert...can you believe I didn't make a cake. Everyone was so disappointed. I have been suffering from terrible tooth pain and have been taking meds. I have also been trying to get all the teacher/bus driver gifts done and then my daughter graduated pre k. There has been so much going on, so very little time to be crafty. So, we had a wonderful day...we look foward to it every year!


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  2. Good morning! You are so welcome for the award. I am a brand new blogger so I understand about tying to figure all this stuff our...LOL....come to my blog and right click on the award, save it to your computer and then add it to your own blog....I will pm on the mb incase you check that first...if you need anything else let me know...smiles...sandy

  3. What a great blog! I left you 2 awards on my blog! ~Hugs, Lynn