Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonjour Mon Amie!

Here is a quick card that I made for my 6 yo daughter who recently told me that she wanted to go to Paris. Where did that come from...didn't see that coming!!! So I told her all about my trip to France when I was in High School and she asked me to teach her some French....well, it has been many years and I didn't remember alot. Once I started speaking to her...out flew the french words...we were all laughing...I couldn't stop. We found some books at the library and she loves them. So I made her this card...she is amazed by the Eiffel Tower and really wants to go...if she wasn't afraid to fly, I might consider I nuts?


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  2. Oh I don't think your nuts I think the fascination will intrigue her and she would love all the shopping and fun.. Maybe in her teens.? She might over come it Jeannine I was scared to death and would not go with my family when I was little I seriously kicked screamed and acted like they were kidnapping me same thing with a boat The had to drag me to get on and I cried the whole time and will never forget it. LOL>>