Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting for Hurricane Earl!!

We have been preparing for days for the arrival of Hurricane Earl! We put things away, cleaned up the yard, put gas in the car, got bottles of water and batteries for the flashlights!! It can be quite a process! We thought it would be here earlier, but we have waited all day and now it is 7:40 pm and still only heavy winds as predicted....yet!!! So we took the kids down to the beach and I went to take a picture of the water and the camera read.....'no more memory'...oh poop, I left the camera card in the!!! I was so upset, but I wanted pictures and there were local camera crews from the news there all set up, etc. So I ran home for the card....good thing we are only 5 minutes from the beach. I got some great pictures and we were caught in a terrential downpour for a few minutes. I have to say it was exciting to be down there at the beach with the news stations and lots of people!! My DH was taking a picture of the kids and I and a lady from a local news station came and asked to speak with the kids, I said "sure!!" They loved it and sure enough they were on the NEWS!! They were so excited. My Mother called and asked if Sammi was wearing a pink jacket and if Christopher was wearing blue shorts.....yes, yes, and yes....she saw them on the news!!! She was a little upset that we took the kids out, but it was only a little rain, not bad winds and it wasn't like we were going swimming! We came home just in time to see them both on the 6:00 news and they were so excited to see themselves.....did anyone see them on T.V.????

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  1. Sooooo cool, the kids will sure remember that forever!!! :)